During a pregnancy, your body will go through many changes.  Some of the common symptoms that you may experience during the early stages of pregnancy may include a missed period, frequent urination, nausea, breast tenderness, fatigue, and mood swings.

Most pregnancy tests today are very reliable.  However, to diagnose and verify that you are pregnant, a visit to a physician or other appropriate healthcare provider is recommended for every pregnancy. 

An ultrasound examination can be completed by your medical provider or you can request an appointment for a limited obstetrical ultrasound at no cost here at Northwoods.  Pregnancy tests along with an RN verification of the pregnancy is available to you at no cost, here at Northwoods.  Appointments for a pregnancy test and verification can be done by walk-in or by scheduling an appointment.   

This information will be helpful to you in making an informed decision related to your pregnancy.


"Should I take the Morning-After Pill?"

The morning-after pill is not a simple solution for a simple question.  Before taking this pill, here are some questions that are important to ask:

  • Could I already be pregnant from a earlier sexual experience?
  • Has this drug been adequately tested for both the short and long-term side effects?
  • What are the effects of this drug when it is used in conjunction with other medications?

Understanding how the morning-after pill works and what side effects you may face, is an important step that helps you make a healthy choice for you and your body.  If you have recently taken the pill and have changed your mind, please call us immediately. There are resources available to reverse this process.


"Should I be concerned about having an abortion?"

Abortion is not just a simple medical procedure.  Even though it is performed on a regular basis, for many women, it is a life-changing event that leaves them with significant emotional, physical, and spiritual side effects.  Many of the women who have struggled with their past abortions, have expressed that they wish they would have known all the facts before they made their decision.


"What can I do about people pressuring me?"

 You need to know that you have rights!  Nobody can or should force you to have an abortion.  This is your decision and your life, and you will the the one who is affected the most by the results of your decision.  If your partner, husband, or parents are putting pressure on you to make a quick decision, try to explain the needs you're facing and see if you can involve them in consultation with our advocates to find what your most positive options are.  You do have the legal right to continue with the pregnancy.


"What will happen to my dreams for life if I have this baby?"

Right now this pregnancy may seem like a huge roadblock to you.  Take courage in the fact that many women who have found themselves in the same situation as you do, have also found the necessary help and resources to make positive choices and still go on to realize their dreams.


Still have questions? Want someone to talk to?

We are here and willing to help.  You don't have to walk through this alone.  We have up to date resources and information available at the center, as well as caring staff who will take the time to help you answer any questions you may have.  Please walk in or schedule an appointment with us.